Cleanroom grade, double bag packaging disposable flowmeter

cleanroon grade flowmeter

We meet your wishes, also when it comes to delivering a cleanroom grade flowmeter.
Understanding your business starts with listening to your concerns. In the market of disposable flowmeters (or actually just the wetted flow-tubes) two things are crucial for a good outcome.

Undisputed reliability

Each delivered item is delivered conform the approved and validated proces. Following only agreed and verified procedures, both supplier and customer know that the supplied product is reliable.
An optional calibration report is available to prove the exact performance.

Keep clean what is clean

No single trace of contamination can be accepted when dealing with bio-farmaceutical processes.
To ensure a conforming delivery of the instrument, it is carefully treated, from production until shipping.

Starting with certified base material, the flowmeter is manufactured in a clean but industrial environment.
After the last step of calibration has finished, MIB GmbH thoroughly cleans the instrument according agreed and customer-specific working procedures.
The first layer of packaging is Nitrogen-filled to ensure absence of Oxygen.
A second bag completes the double-bag packing of the cleanroom grade flowmeter.

cleanroon grade flowmeter
It is at any time ensured that the packed item is clearly identified.

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