Flow-control main reason to measure flow


Only a few processes get better by flow-measurement alone. These are often processes where a delivered volume of liquid needs to be invoiced, like filling up your car at the gas-station.
For both parties, seller and customer, it matters that the dispensed volume is measured to ensure an honest transaction.

The above example was rather a volume-, not flow-measurement.
In many other processes where you can think of flow-measurement, the real reason for measuring is not the measurement itself.
The measured flow is a process-input and is compared to the limit- or reference values. It’s easy to imagine that, if a deviation is found, either an alarm, or an automated correction is issued. A fairly reactive way of controlling if you ask me.

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Think further

Why install a flowmeter and respond in a reactive manner to a situation that is already deviating from your nominal process?
Why not install a flow-control instrument, taking care of a constant flow, preventing deviations?
The answer to this question is probably the fact that liquid-flow-control is not a commonly known solution (yet).

Flowmeister challenges you to think further.
Is your flow-application one where a constant liquid flow is really the goal?
Would a closed-loop feedback and control system -keeping a steady flow, independant of pressure- make you feel more confident than your current set of instrumentation?
Q-dose might just be the solution you have been trying to build sofar.

What is Q-dose?

Q-dose is a setup that starts with an ultrasonic flowmeter with integrated PID-feedback system.
When the flowmeasurement notices a difference between actual flow and the given setpoint, the PID-function will adapt the output signal.
The change in output signal makes a proportional valve act and compensate for the measured difference.
This feedback-loop ensures a stable flowrate, thanks to a number of technical details, both in the flowmeter as in the controlling loop and principle of actuation.

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flowcontrol is often the real requirement behind an installed flowmeter
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