Meet Flowmeister

meet flowmeister

Written words only cover part of the story. I appreciate to be in personal touch with Flowmeister’s customers.

Should we meet?

It all depends on your wishes and needs.
Quite some information can be found in application stories and data-sheets.
When it comes to a solution that covers more than just delivery of an instrument, I believe a meeting makes the difference.

Quick, easy, COVID-proof but still personal:
let’s video-call

The easy option of video-call is effective and efficiënt.
Just mail your preferred time and medium (Skype, Google, Zoom) and we’ll be in a video-call soon.

Meet us at….

Flowmeister invites you to come and have a good conversation,
surely in good circumstances and in an inspiring environment.

Single Use Event 2021
September 14th 2021
Corpus Leiden
The Netherlands

Meet Flowmeister
Meet Flowmeister at the Single Use Event

Entry vouchers and discounts

Get your entry-pass for the Single Use Event through Flowmeister!
There are four options:
1) Flowmeister customers qualify for free entry
2) Members of KNCV qualify for free entry
3) Original applicants may get one of the three bonus-vouchers
4) Register without voucher:

Will we meet at the Single Use Event?

I'm not yet a customer of Flowmeister or member of KNCV. I compete for a voucher anyway!

Your contact details are required to send the voucher-code

What’s new?

Flowmeister has chosen this event to introduce an innovation:
Single Use back-pressure regulated flow-control setup, known as Q-dose.
(Use the link to get sneak previews of the upcoming innovaton 😉

Tip of today:
Become a member of KNCV!
The community offers high value for just very little money.
You’re welcome and the experience you bring will enrich the community even further.
KNCV stands for Koninklijke Nederlandse Chemie Vereniging, in English this is the Royal Dutch Chemical Association.
All nationalities are welcome to join!