Repeatability vs reproducibility


A short blog about terminology which is often used when flowmeter specifications are discussed.

The quality of the instrument is easily verified by doing a number of repeated measurements and comparing the measured values.
A robust measurement concept will prove the multiple readings to be close to each other, there is little to no variance.
The flowmeter then has a high repeatability, which is a positive aspect.

An ultrasonic flowmeter has no moving parts which inherently adds to the repeatability when compared to a turbine-meter where overspin and start-stop behaviour leads to variances.

What about reproducibility

Sometimes the term reproducibility is mentioned, this is a correct word, with a very different meaning than repeatability.
Reproducibilty indicates how succesful a different person can obtain similar results from the same flowmeter.
Again here a turbine-meter is more sensitive to the piping and orientation which reduces the chance that readings will be exactly the same in a random setup.

The mix-up of the two terms is often heard in Dutch-speeking countries, which is not a coindence.
The Dutch translation of repeatability is reproduceerbaarheid, often mixed up with reproducibility.

Is repeatability relevant for flowmeister

Flowmeister uses repeatability the way it was intended.
The open bore instrument with no moving parts proves repeatable, time after time after time.


Our single use instrument-range (Flowmax 242i) shares all design features which make the industrial instruments reliable and repeatable.
This includes a full calibration, ensuring a trusted operation, no matter if it is for hours, days or years!

Reproducibility matters as well.

Our different customers all experience good performance of the flowmeter.
Either in chemical, semi-conductor or OEM-industry, the results are good.
This is an example of reproducibilty.

More about repeatability and reproducibility can be read here.

React to this post

I hope the above gives clarification between two terms.
Clarification and better understanding lead to less mix-up in your daily flow-business.
Let me know if further questions or remarks pop up.