We care for a trusted installed base

By it’s German nature, MIB GmbH is a hard-working but modest company.
Modesty is a great value to live by and something to be proud of.
So is trust.

At Flowmeister, trust and modesty are two important values as well.
The trust in MIB GmbH and the product-quality of their flowmeters is high and so is the trust in our capabilities to help you solve your flow-issue.

Being a relatively new name in the market makes us rely more on the previously achieved successes, both in quality as in quantity.
In all modesty, we are proud to share some facts.

Facts with numbers

Within the two first product-ranges, the Flowmax 30S has built-up a world-wide coverage of over 17.000 units installed.
The second mass-produced range is Flowmax 44i with an impressive installed base of 8.000 units.

The king of chemical resistance is the PTFE Flowmax 400i, mainly used in niche-markets with highly agressive media. With roughly 2.800 units in the filed, the numbers are more modest therefore it is more of a qualitative fact to have the trust of chemical plants.

Two new models have recently been introduced and just looking around the corner.
The larger Flowmax 54i is becoming well-known for it’s capacity and demand is growing!
Last but certainly not least comes Flowmax 242i Single Use flowmeter.
Facing hard and long validation-trajectories in bio-pharmaceutical industry, the production-numbers are in a positive curve already.
Of course the installed base isn’t growing fast when flowmeters are disposed, but we are very proud to serve two end-customers in Dutch bio-medical production!

Facts within reference-markets

To start with, we ask for your understanding in not being allowed to share end-customer brands or names in this section.
MIB is humble and proud to serve world-leaders, helping them to excel in their field of expertise.
We are allowed to share some of the fields where we enable the succes of the market-leaders.
When looking around their world-wide facilities, you would be able to recognize the Flowmax-instruments in high tech machinery in the semi-conductor industry.
The last time you ordered a draft-beer in a large football-stadium or a local hotel, this may very likely have passed a Flowmax on it’s way to you.
Parts of you mobile phone were produced in processes, controlled by Flowmax.
Anyone near you could at this very moment be trusting on the purity and quality of medicin he or she is receiving…….

Ask the installed base…..

With products and advise of MIB GmbH, Flowmeister delivers trust!

MIB installed base

We will gladly connect you to one of our customers for a one-on-one conversation, just ask me.