Datasheets & calibration reports

Accuracy is a must. Why measure if the measured value is known to be inaccurate??
With FlowMax instruments, the calibration-data is stored inside the electronics, even for Single Use instruments (!).

We deliver trust!
Let the facts convince you, Flowmeister will be glad to share these upon request.


Datasheets geef ik graag per email aan u door.
Om de selectie zo goed mogelijk te doen vraag ik u onderstaand formulier in te sturen.

Bij voorbaat dank daarvoor en graag tot binnenkort!


I’m happy to send you datasheets per email.
To make sure you get the most relevant data, I kindly ask you to fill out the below form.

Thanks in advance and we’ll be in touch soon!

Uw instrument is getest en daarvan ontvangt u een certifikaat bij de levering. Optioneel is een kalibratiecertifikaat 3 meetpunten, of is een 8-punts kalibratie mogelijk.


Your instrument has been tested, which is certified with the delivery. Optionally, a 3- or 8-point calibration-certificate can be ordered to prove the exact accuracy.

Before you submit:

you may trust an honest advise. If FlowMax is not your best possible solution, I will explain you why that is.


Download random calibration reports to see the accuracy of the standard MIB factory adjustment.