Liquid flowcontrol


Let’s go back to the beginning with a somple question:

What are flowmeters used for?

Analysis shows that over 70% of flowmeasurement positions are installed in order to help control the flow.
The remaining share of measurement-positions mainly serves volumetric control.
Some exceptions go out to flowmonitoring and verification.

If flowcontrol is so commonly needed, make a solution for it!

That’s exactly what we think as well!
We don’t want to sell flowmeters, Flowmeister wants to serve you with a lean and mean control-solution.
Early 2021 will be the introduction of our Q-dose solution, which is a control-solution with FlowMax acting as the master-component.
With the use of a backpressure regulatorvalve, Q-Dose can serve flowcontrol and volumetric control.
The difference between these two functions is in the PID-settings, which are integrated in the Flowmax electronics.

Difference in control (outlines)

Volumetric control requires only a well-timed off/on function of the valve.
Most of us know volumetric control in liquid dosing installations, filling vials, bottles and more.
Flow-control works by continuously measuring actual flowrate, comparing it to the actual setpoint and adapt the valve-position to bring the actual flowrate closer to the setpoint.
The behaviour of this adaptation is optimized by PID-settings in the meter.
Optimal PID-settings result in optimal:
– response-time
– amount of overshoot
– band-width
– and more

As always, there are numerous factors to optimize the functionality.
By experience, we know the aspects and how to control them.
we’re always happy to share this knowledge with you to help understand the solution you’re about to implement!

Standard solution as add-on to Flowmax

The control-functions can be added to the whole range for Flowmax instruments, from DN5 up to DN50 mm boresize.

Why would flowcontrol matter to you?

From our existing users, we know why they chose to control flowrate or dosing-volume.
Maybe you have an application we didn’t see before…….
Share it with us and see how FlowMax and Q-Dose solve it for you!

We appreciate a personal touch