About Flowmeister

The brand Flowmeister got her identity for several reasons.

First of all to create clarity: it’s about flow.

Good technical flowadvise is a profession in which -when done right- one can become a ‘master’.
Given the German origin of the development and manufacturing company MIB GmbH the master becomes  ‘Meister’

The extension .nl is more than just the  internet-adress. I’m Dutch and proud to have that reflecting in the name.


To improve where possible, because we have got the technology and the knowledge, thát matters to me.
I want to do what is needed to get the right knowledge at the right spot.
Only this will get optimal processes that run exactly as they were designed: smooth and efficiënt.
In order to achieve that, I use my knowledge but also my network.

About Flowmeister’s products and MIB GmbH

MIB GmbH is developing the Single Use / Disposable Flowmeter market with Flowmeister.nl

The German company MIB-GmbH stands for a strong team with a lifetime of experience in flow-measurement.
Since 1999, MIB has realized a productline of high-end in-line ultrasonic flowmeters.

Their range of instruments covers a reach of 3 to 50 mm borediameter.

By using high-quality plastics, shaped in smart design, the ultrasonic flowmeters combine properties into a high value product.
Over time, MIB gmbH has grown a large installed base in demanding industries such as Chemical, Semi-conductor and even Biofarmaceutical.
MIB GmbH is developing the Single Use / Disposable Flowmeter market with Flowmeister.nl, we look forward to meet you!

Company details Flowmeister

Flowmeister is registered as:
Dutch Chamber of Commerce 75269805
VAT-nr, NL001694047B13
Mail:   ron@flowmeister.nl
Mob:  +31 6 5310 6888

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