Calibrate flow equipment without process-interruption

flowmeter calibration

Flowmeter calibration by replacement: A different approach to keeping your process running

Imagine you own a (bio-)chemical process and the responsibility that comes with it.
One of your concerns will be to ensure all instrumentation is valid and operates within its calibrated range.
The need for re-calibration is unavoidable and often impacts your process severely with planning, down-time and costs.

What if?

> What if your process would not suffer from re-calibrating a flowmeter or -controller?
> What if a short interruption to replace the measuring tube would be all that is required?
> What if such a solution would already exist?
Well, it is possible!

Flowmeister offers a unique solution to overcome calibration-downtime.

This solution is FlowMax 242i, a fully exchangeable measuring tube, which comes with a calibration-report.
Leaving the electronics intact, the swap of the measuring tube is a matter of minutes. How easy is that?

Always calibration data available

With the swap of the measuring-tube, the electronics will read the related calibration-data from a paired chip.
Don’t worry you’d forget to read the new data, the system is redundant and will not operate until the right pairing has taken place.
Pairing involves no more than exchanging a dongle with the stored calibration data.

Re-sizing was never easier

On top of the advantage of speed and ease of ensuring calibration, there’s a side-effect worth mentioning.
The method of swapping the measuring-tube allows you to re-scale your instrument, simply use a different size.
Of course this is possible with any instrument, but lets not forget the low-cost of a single measuring-tube compared to the average flowmeter.

Plastic can be fantastic

Flowmeister represents the ultrasonic flowmeters of MIB GmbH, which all have a plastic body.
When process pressure and temperature allow so, plastic offers nothing but advantages compared to steel / stainless / exotic materials.
– First of all there’s a high chemical resistance.
– The cost-price is low.
– Available in FDA-approved grade
– Fit for use in bio-pharmacy.
– The carbon-footprint to produce a unit is much lower than any steel instrument.
– Replacement on-site saves time and transportation to the calibration-office abroad.
– A low-cost measuring tube is easily kept on shelf as a backup

flowmeter calibration
Replace and resume, no more wasted time for flowmeter calibration.

Even when your regulations prescribe the used measuring tube to be disposed, the amount of waste is still very low.
The ‘waste-footprint’ is comparable to sending a regular flowmeter out to be re-calibrated.

Still concerned about the practical implications?

That’s fully understandable!
Let’s connect and share your concerns with Flowmeister, I’m interested to understand your situation.
I’m happy to answer your questions!

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