Eire flowmeter – Ireland

Ireland has an impressive industry in bio-pharmaceutical companies.
The world-wide top ranking of medicine-makers, at least has a plant in Ireland.
Given the fact that bio-medical production often invloves liquids, the Irish industry has a need for instrumentation for liquid-monitoring and -dosing.

Not an ordinary instrument

Process-control solutions in regular industries form the basis of instruments which can -and are allowed to- be used in hazardous processes such as bio-pharmacy.
The proven technology has to be translated into a capable design, approved materials, methods and shapes.
Once functional, the instrument will undergo an intensive trajectory of validation and approval before it can be introduced commercially.

Flowmeister is proud to intoduce the Eire Flowmeter for ireland. It’s a high-end solution, with the requirements properly in place for a quick plug-validate-play scenario.
Developed in 2014-2015, the MIB Flowmax 242i, a Single Use ultrasonic flowmeter, is readily available.


Less is more

Ranging from 0.015 liter per minute up to 24 liter per minute with four different measuring-tubes we believe to offer solutions to cover the spectrum of regular applications in the bio-pharmaceutical industry.
Knowing that the cost of an ultrasonic instrument is somewhat more than simple meters, it’s good to bring some relativity in the scale.

A first factor is a matter of smart design.
Only the wetted parts are to be disposed, the valuable calculator and electronics remain for a lifetime.
Secondly, the accuracy is high, better tan 1% of measured value, even at fluctuating flowrates! Ultrasound is fast, we give you a measurement every 16 milliseconds (if you like).
Thirdly, the instrument has a free bore, with no obstacles no moving parts and only one wetted material.

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Your instrument has been tested, which is certified with the delivery. Optionally, a 3- or 8-point calibration-certificate can be ordered to prove the exact accuracy.

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