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Within chemical processes, a controlled and regulated flowrate is one of the key-parameters to ensure a safe and succesful process.
The top-three features in this sector are:
– Safety
– Reliability
– Repeatability
The ultrasonic flowmeter for chemicals robustly fills in these three demands. In addition, the instruments are fast and accurate, which is an advantage in processes with fluctuating flow, such as fast dosing processes.

Chemical Flowmeter is all about material-properties

Each aspect in a product-design is important, but for the chemical flowmeter the choice of materials is crucial.
Imagine one of the wetted parts being insufficiently resistant to your fluid, what would the consequences be….?
If safety cannot be guaranteed, who wants to know about reliability or repeatability?

The MIB flowmeter named Flowmax, is not a one-size-fits-all solution, it is a whole range of instruments with different shapes and materials.
Besides some specific properties, all instruments have five important features in common:

– Plastic housing
– Free bore
– No moving parts
– Smooth inner surface
-No electrodes or metals, just one wetted part!

Some examples of Flowmax

PSU polysulfon flowmeter chemie



The basis instrument is Flowmax 44i, made of PolySulfon (PSU)
This typical black shiny housing is injection-moulded, resulting in zero gaps or joints in the wetted area.
Usable for multiple properties of conducting or non-conducting liquids, but not for Chloride.






PVDF flowmeter chemie


A real pro in chemical flowmeasurement is Flowmax 400, made of PFA and also injection moulded.
Its usability excels in the lower flowranges, down to one liter per hour.
Integration  in tubing systems makes a perfect fit with the integrated flare-connections.
Adaptor to threaded process-connection is optionally available.




undisturbed flow measurement
Flowmax 54i shown in HDPE, optionally available in PE-Xc


Higher flowrates up to 900 liter per minute are possible with the Flowmax 54i range. The machined body gives additional flexibility in material and process-connection.
Standard material is PE-HD because of the good properties in lightly aggressive media. Process connection is outer thread.
Flowmax 54i is also available in the extremely resistant PE-Xc and in poly-propylene (PP).
Customized process-connections are possible on demand.



flowmeter chemie Flowmax 242i


Another variant is Flowmax 242i, also in a machined PE-HD body with possibilities and certification for application in bio-chemical and bio-pharmaceutical environments.

Not just any material, but the result of a fully validated and certified design-trajectory.

What’s particularly interesting is the re-use of the standard electronics housing (in black PSU) whilst the wetted measuring-tube is made of the mandatory certified PE_HD.


Link: Polystone-P-MED-natural-homopolymer-FDA-compliance



Flow-measurement and dosing of chemicals -> start with a good advise! 

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