New material PE-Xc for PE Flowmeter

plastic flowmeter

Application-driven development leads to new products. This is an overview of high-end flowmeters in PE-Xc

Why develop Flowmax in PE?

Flowmax has been available in chemically resistant materials since years.
Why making the addition to existing Flowmax series in PSU and PFA?
MIB GmbH has developed the Flowmax in HDPE for two reasons:

Reason 1: Flexibility
Existing Flowmax 44 (in PSU) and 400 (in PFA) are based on die-casting. This is a good manufacturing-process, but is limited in flexibility because of the existing moulds.
The ability to machine every shape allows for a wide range in:
– integrated process-connections such as Tri-clamp, hose-pillar or threaded.
– different bore-diameters
– customer-specific mechanical mounting
– customer-branding / logo integration

PE flowmeter BKS clamp
PE-flowmeter body with integrated process-connection (BKS-camp)

Reason 2: Material-properties
The material-properties of PE are interesting for the applications we support.
First of all, PE is available in a FDA-approved version. This is a basic need for our Single Use Flowmeter Flowmax 242i
Secondly, the base-properties of HDPE offer a great portfolio of chemical resistance.
Thirdly, the standard HDPE can be upgraded to withstand extreme situations, see below for more details.


Improved material properties for PE-HD

High Density Poly-Ethylene (HDPE) has proven to be a useful basematerial for industrial components.

To achieve maximum performance, a treatment can be done to convert the material properties to a higher level.
The molecular structure of regular HDPE will migrate to a stronger 3D structure with an after-treatment. The improved material is named PE-Xc. (X stands for cross-linked, c represents the after-treatment delivering the sublime material properties).
In daily German operation, the HDPE-Xc version is also known as PE-HDV (V stands for ‘vernetzt)

Available flowmeters in PE-Xc

Flowmax offers a range of instruments in HDPE, most of them in PE-Xc upgrade as well.
Typically the Chemical Applications benefit from the increased properties. (Link in Dutch)

Flowmax 42i is the initiator of the HDPE-versions.
Main reason for its existence was a reduced bore-diameter in order to lower the measuring range for a pharmaceutical application.

PE flowmeter
Flowmax 42i with the typical darker colour of PE-Xc




Low-flow bore, customer specific process-connection and FDA-approved material came together in the design of the Flowmax 42i measuring tube.

The standard electronics have been integrated in the Flowmax 42i body.
Demanding applications can be fulfilled with the Flowmax 42i in PE-Xc material.

Quickly after approval of the Flowmax 42i, the pharmaceutical customer requested a Single Use version of this PE Flowmeter.




This Single Use request eventually resulted in Flowmax 242i M, a separate measuring tube out of FDA-approved PP, with remote electronics.

PE flowmeter Flowmax 242i
Flowmax 242i M separate measuring tube and electronics


For bio-pharmaceutical use, the PP material is excellent and the MIB-standard.
Still, the body is available in HDPE or HDPE-Xc on request.

Either PP or HDPE: a material certificate is available of course!






A third line in HDPE is the newest instrument, Flowmax 54i.
These instruments typically address higher flowrates such as cooling-circuits or high-volume chemical processes.
The three versions (DN32-40-50) are available in PE-Xc as well, making them optimally equipped for higher temperatures and mechanical wear when measuring abrasive slurries.

undisturbed flow measurement
Flowmax 54i shown in HDPE, optionally available in PE-Xc

Why Flowmax in PE-Xc?

Want to know more about the specific properties and how a PE Flowmeter (or PE-Xc)  will improve your application?
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