Dosing of glue

dosing glue

Glue is known to stick materials together.
Instrumentation is known to be sensitive to contamination.
Could the two be a succesful match?

Don’t be afraid to get stuck

Instrumentation is often comparable to a Swiss watch, very ingeniously made, accurate and beautiful, but to be treated with care.
Imagine glue entering the heart of your Swiss watch….. the time-reading would never be accurate again!

What matters most, the top 3

In industrial processes we can meet applications where glue needs to be dosed in order to monitor and control the total process.
In addition to the sticky-challenge, there is also chemical resistance and a highly irregular flowrate to be put into the equasion.

Seven ways to be certain

Sofar we’ve only seen properties where the ultrasonic principle is a comfortable choice.
1) With the open-bore design and zero internal moving parts or gaps, the risk of clogging and getting stuck is completely absent.
2) The smooth surface of the plastic measuring tube makes the glue pass easily.
3) With a range of available materials, it’s nearly always possible to use a material which is similar -or better- to your piping and / or pump internals.
4) intermittant flow -typical to dosing cycles- is no big deal for the fast ultrasonic sensors. With 250 measurements per second you may trust that flow-fluctuations are captured properly.
5) the high turn-down factor of 60:1 allows for a comfortable rangeability, ensuring that lowest flow is measured, whilst high peaks are still within measurement-range of the instrument.

And if applicable or required:
7) With Flowmax 242i we have Single Use versions available.
It may be a safe feeling to have a low-cost replacement of only the wetted part on the shelf.

Did I miss something?

Yes you did, I’m sorry.
6a) bore ranges from Dn 5 up to Dn50 allow a very wide range of applications. starting at one liter per hour.
6b) with remote electronics, the connected measuring tube carries its own calibration data and can be swapped with other bore-sizes instantly. How flexible!

Is this your problem?

Maybe it is, if so, I will be glad to help you out!
Just let me know what it is about and we’ll be in touch soon.

Your instrument has been tested, which is certified with the delivery. Optionally, a 3- or 8-point calibration-certificate can be ordered to prove the exact accuracy.

Before you submit:

you may trust an honest advise. If FlowMax is not your best possible solution, I will explain you why that is.