Trust by design

When asked what is the most important property of flow measurement, almost every customer answers “ACCURACY”.
Understandable, you would rather not invest in an inaccurate instrument to control your pocess.

When the conversation continues, very often it appears that the automated production system is not too dependent on accuracy of the flowmeasurement itself.
The product-quality is more influenced by process-aspects that cause wrong readings coming from the meter.
In certain circumstances, it appears that the readings cannot be trusted.
The design of Flowmax ultrasonic flowmeters is made to be trusted.

Reliability is the key …

Some physical examples of improved reliability:
– An open bore without obstacles is never causing disturbances, cavitation
– No moving or rotating parts in the liquid which may wear out or get stuck
– Moving or rotating parts may release particles in the liquid
– No gaps, dead space or seals to affect product quality or leakage
– Air bubble detection immediately warns for detected bubbles
– Robust measuring tube, physically stable measuring unit
– Solid sensor mounting, not sensitive to environmental vibrations

All reliability features apply equally to Industrial and Single Use versions!

… and Accuracy matters

Of course accuracy matters.
Third to Reliability and Speed, the measuring accuracy is one of the selling features of Flowmax ultrasonic flowmeters!
Our biggest advantage is the fact that the calibrated measuring tube is inserted into your flowpath.
Calibration data is stored in the measuring tube.
This simple fact ensures that the performance in your system is comparable to the performance in the manufacturers’ calibration setup!
What else would you need?

What makes your application special?

Your instrument has been tested, which is certified with the delivery. Optionally, a 3- or 8-point calibration-certificate can be ordered to prove the exact accuracy.

Before you submit:

you may trust an honest advise. If FlowMax is not your best possible solution, I will explain you why that is.